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June 23rd, 2011  |  Published in barware, books, seasonal  |  13 Comments

One of my favorite things—and this is not just because it’s almost my birthday—is a present. This is true of most people, but I love the element of surprise that is so perfectly embodied in a wrapped package. I have never been one to sneak around and try to discover gifts before they’re due, since I really love not knowing what I’m going to find inside. This also extends to packages in the mail; even when I know what something is going to be because I’m the one who ordered it, it’s still fun to tear into a package. You never know—it may be something completely different.

In that spirit, I’ve been taking stock of the stacks of cocktail related books and ephemera that I have around the house. Were there some sort of cocktail Armageddon, I have a feeling we’d be well provided for for a very long time. I don’t really think we need to keep all of this stuff to ourselves (and in fact we really shouldn’t) so I’ve decided to host a giveaway in honor of summer…and a love of presents.

The winner will receive two books—Kathy Casey’s Sips & Apps: Classic and Contemporary Recipes for Coctktails and Appetizers and Food & Wine Cocktails 2011—plus an assortment of tools and ingredients to motivate your cocktailing impulses.

To enter, simply leave a comment below describing the best present you’ve ever received. The winner will be selected randomly, and all entries must be submitted by midnight, Friday July 1, 2011. Happy drinking!

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  1. Shane says:

    June 23rd, 2011at 5:48 pm(#)

    The best present I even received was a trip for my girlfriend and myself to attend a bartending school. We’d been interested ever since we learned it existed, and our parents pitched in and got us both enrolled! The class was well worth it, and while I still don’t have an actual job bartending quite yet, I practice often, and my interest in drink-making has only grown due to all I learned.

  2. Amanda B says:

    June 23rd, 2011at 5:58 pm(#)

    Best gift ever was when my then-boyfriend (now husband) surprised me with tickets to Italy.

    As a side note, I would like whatever that red drink is with the orchid in it right now!


  3. Noelle says:

    June 23rd, 2011at 6:08 pm(#)

    The best gift I’ve ever gotten, I’m fulfilling right now. Kind of.
    My mom has offered to pay for me to get my Divemaster Certification. And that’s awesome. So, I’m in the process. I’ve gotten my Rescue certification, and soon it’ll be DM time!!

  4. Ben says:

    June 23rd, 2011at 6:14 pm(#)

    The best present I ever received was a leather-bound copy of Tennyson’s poetry that had been my grandfather’s

  5. Jess says:

    June 23rd, 2011at 6:22 pm(#)

    The best gift I’ve received was my dog Brownie

  6. Gary says:

    June 23rd, 2011at 6:29 pm(#)

    Hands down the best gift I ever received was a leather pouch to carry my tobacco in.

  7. Jo says:

    June 24th, 2011at 9:30 am(#)

    The best gift I ever got was tickets to the South Beach Food & Wine. A great way to spend my birthdaY!

    itsonlyjc AT hotmail DOT com

  8. Courtney says:

    June 24th, 2011at 10:03 am(#)

    The best gift I ever received was The Art of the Bar, by Jeff Hollinger and Rob Schwartz. My interest in all things cocktail started soon after, my life has been forever changed for the better.

  9. Liz C says:

    June 24th, 2011at 11:10 am(#)

    The best gift I ever received was a necklace from my children for Mother’s Day. I wear it almost every day.

  10. Peter says:

    June 24th, 2011at 11:42 am(#)

    Best present: first guitar.

  11. Jennifer says:

    June 24th, 2011at 4:16 pm(#)

    Airfare to go visit my twin, niece, and nephew. The gift of family and time!

  12. Kelly says:

    June 24th, 2011at 5:29 pm(#)

    My boyfriend surprised me with an old copy of Rosetti’s poems that once belonged to my favorite obscure poet! (Barlas) It’s a treasure!

  13. Susan says:

    June 28th, 2011at 6:34 pm(#)

    My best gift was a surprise birthday party my then boyfriend, now husband threw for me on my 23rd bd. We were in the middle of finals (graduate school) I was a mess, hadn’t showered, study, study, study. I was so stunned when I opened the door to my room and everyone said “surprise” it took me a while to figure out what was going on. I’d never had a surprise BD party before (or since.)

  14. Jamie says:

    June 30th, 2011at 6:45 pm(#)

    My husband took my crazy cocker spaniel to a mall portrait place to have his portrait taken. Dog’s been gone for 6 years, husband still going strong! Best gift ever!

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