Absinthe Suissesse

September 5th, 2008  |  Published in absinthe, mixers, recipes, tales of the cocktail  |  11 Comments

Just when you thought I was done with posts related to Tales or absinthe, I’m back with a post related to Tales…and absinthe. I heard mutterings from various parties about the amazing Absinthe Suissesse from Café Adelaide and, because it was a hectic, nutty week, didn’t even have time to register what it was or investigate until I was back at home reading everyone else’s blog posts. (I really need to look into cloning myself next year so I don’t miss out on anything.)

As it turns out it really wouldn’t have done me much good anyway, being a breakfast sort of drink made with cream and egg white. Back on the homestead, though, absinthe is one of our favorites and we couldn’t wait to whip up as many different absinthe-based cocktails as possible. Naturally, the Suissesse Chuck posted came to mind. Purportedly created at Brennan’s, the Suissesse is a New Orleans institution, found on menus across the city. Not to be confused with Swiss absinthe, which style is called absinthe Suisse, I found that I liked this better with a milder absinthe that doesn’t have a lot of herbal flavors aside from the anise.

1½ – 2 oz absinthe (to taste)
½ oz orgeat
1 dash orange flower water
2 oz rice or soy milk
½ cup crushed or cubed ice

Shake vigorously with crushed ice or blend for fifteen seconds with cubed ice. Serve in an old-fashioned glass.

Bear with me for a second because this might sound strange, but the Absinthe Suissesse is basically an alcoholic milkshake. A lovely, lightly fruity, sweet and anise-flavored milkshake. A milkshake for grown-ups. It definitely has a very morning-friendly flavor and I would highly recommend this after a long night or for a pre-brunch tipple. We had ours in the afternoon and there was something a little too decadent and, well, sweet about it to feel right at that hour, but on a lazy Sunday morning this would be perfect.

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  1. Joao Boavida says:

    September 5th, 2008at 10:39 am(#)

    Why rice or soy milk? Why not simply milk? I really never tried any other kind of milk, so I honestly don’t know the difference.

  2. Joao Boavida says:

    September 5th, 2008at 10:40 am(#)

    Sorry, I forgot, it realy looks great, I ‘ll try it.

  3. Tiare says:

    September 6th, 2008at 7:38 am(#)

    This is one of the drinks i need to try as well!


  4. lenina says:

    September 9th, 2008at 3:40 pm(#)

    Would almond milk work as well?

  5. Marleigh says:

    September 9th, 2008at 4:07 pm(#)

    I think almond milk would work very well, particularly considering the orgeat that is in the drink. Give it a try and let me know how it turns out!

  6. Blair, aka Trader Tiki says:

    September 10th, 2008at 11:23 am(#)

    That is such a fantastic drink.

    I’m going to have to get this on the menu at work.

  7. Marleigh says:

    September 10th, 2008at 1:34 pm(#)

    You really should. It’s quintessentially New Orleans!

  8. Rick says:

    September 12th, 2008at 10:20 am(#)


    This is pretty much the recipe I favor too. It’s really just a glorified absinthe milkshake. And quite joyous at that. How many drops to your dash? I end up putting in about 6 drops of orange flower water.

  9. Marleigh says:

    September 12th, 2008at 4:14 pm(#)

    We usually wind up using about 1/8 teaspoon, so six drops sounds about right.

  10. Rocky says:

    September 23rd, 2008at 6:32 pm(#)

    There’s never enough of these ever!

  11. Time Tracker says:

    September 24th, 2008at 11:49 pm(#)

    Oh thanks heavens for a Bloody Mary substitute! Thanks for this, grabbed the ingredients yesterday and will whip one up on Sunday.

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